Are You Ready for a 2020 Reset?

In unprecedented times like these, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and motivate you to want to make ready for a do over.

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The Freed 2 Love 2020 Reset

is an opportunity to get back to the basics because you have learned that there are many things you can live without.  It also may have bubbled up some things that you have been living without that is no longer acceptable for you in your life. 

Things like:

  • Your joy
  • Your peace
  • Your wasted time
  • Your best life!

Who is this for?

Women who need now more than ever:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Hope
  • Peace of Mind
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What to expect

3-Series Webinars - You do not have to attend all sessions.  You can attend 1, 2, or all 3.  If there is just one topic that interests you, just attend that one.  It is up to you.

WEBINAR 1 - MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2020 at 7:00pm

Topic: Letting Go of What Will Never Be 

WEBINAR 2 - MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2020 at 7:00pm

Topic: Forgiving Yourself for What You Didn’t Know 

WEBINAR 3 - MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2020 at 7:00pm

Topic: Making Sense of Your Past Webinar


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Meet your Host

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I love inspiring women to shake the dust off your dreams, fix what’s broken and reach aspirations that lead to a healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) and fulfilled life. 

Former self proclaimed 'bitteraholic', I not only am a survivor, but now thriving and focused on championing you to attain peace, purpose and progress. I help women go from heartbreak to happy so you grow as women and have the courage, power and passion to be freed to love.  God.  Yourself.  And others. 

  • Freed2Love

    “It was an experience of a lifetime! Believe me! Before I participated in the Freed to Love Boot Camp, I would never wear my hair down because I have alopecia and I’d have a scarf on or either a hat. I’d have it pulled up but, because I discovered me -with Stephanie's help, I can now be free to be me. And I appreciate you Stephanie so much for giving me that opportunity to release that unforgiveness I have. To want to be me. To appreciate being me and satisfied with being Lolita. When I had my first meeting with you Stephanie, you told me that I appeared okay and everything but I had some hidden things that I needed to take care of and you were so right. From that day on, about six months ago, I can tell you -I have flourished as a person, as a professional, as a friend, as a wife and as a mother. I harbored a secret and I just feel so free and it's all because of the Freed to Love Boot Camp. Again, thank you Stephanie. God bless you and continue your journey. God has really anointed you to help others. And so you continue your journey to do that. God bless. ”

    St. Pete, FL

  • Freed2Love

    “It was very enjoyable, very fulfilling and it was definitely a personal growth experience...As a result of experience in the bootcamp, I found that I am not alone in this unforgiveness struggle. My heart and I found had deeper issues that I've chosen to bury for many years...I also found that the forgiveness process in and of itself is a very dynamic process in the manner in which you forgive is unique to the actual individual as well as the unique experience. It's all going to look very different from person to person and circumstance to circumstance...just to let you know Stephanie that you are an amazing woman. You are incredibly intelligent. You're very, very spiritual. Your transparency and your love - that is what helps with program come to life. It makes the program a big organism. It was a welcoming environment and it was supportive and there was no judgment and there was no shame.

    That is what helps us to focus on how we as individuals bear responsibility on our happiness and our growth. That, I believe, is the key to the success of this program.

    St. Pete, FL

  • Freed2Love

    “The obstacle that would have prevented me from going through the boot camp would have been myself. If I did not (put myself to the side and) make a decision that I needed to go through this is what would have prevented me from going through the boot camp. I found as a result of experiencing different emotions that's associated with the forgiveness process. What I liked about this boot camp was having a really good support system while we all were going through our journey and a safe space to share intimate details of our life without being judged. Three benefits of the bootcamp is having someone that has your best interests at heart. You'll get clarity from this process if you're willing to do the work and Stephanie is someone who can relate to how you're feeling through the forgiveness journey because she's a living testimony of that. I recommend her service because it'll help you understand what forgiveness truly is and how far you have to go in this forgiveness journey. The one-on-one access was personalized to me. It was tailored to my needs. I could be transparent and share what I was struggling with and received the necessary feedback in order to be in a place to where I can have breakthroughs and no longer be stagnant --if I was willing to do the work. I do recommend Stephanie services. It'll help you be a better person if you discipline yourself and take the time to do the work. ”

    Little Rock, AR

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