P.R.E.S.S. from Pain to Power is your self-awareness guide for reconnecting you to yourself and God.  It teaches you the information you need to get moving without overwhelming you and stopping your progress.

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Constantly barraged with blaming yourself after his infidelity? Do you keep ruminating the story of events over and over in your mind to pinpoint what went wrong? Wish you had been better or done better? Kicking yourself for not seeing what was there? Or are you overall feeling down because of the demise of your relationship?

These are common feelings and thoughts when there is a need to forgive yourself.

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When a woman discovers that her partner has been unfaithful, many times she begins to question everything about herself. What if I was more... What if I... What if I didn't... You get the picture. Rediscovering You ~ 3 Steps to Untying the Mental Knots that Hold You Back is a quick audio podcast designed to help you rediscover the woman that was before the unthinkable happened.



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  • Freed2love

    “Time/money, I found increased peace and an ability to let go, I like that Stephanie shared her personal experiences with us, she didn’t set herself apart and was an active participant, Stephanie is a wonderful listener, she’s very insightful and has a no-excuses attitude! I would definitely recommend this service because she will hold you accountable to make the changes necessary to grow! Stephanie has frequently made me think about my life in ways that haven’t always been comfortable but necessary in order to change!”


  • Freed2love

    “I really like how you were able to make me comfortable talking to you and opening up about what I am going through. To me that's a plus I know from speaking to others this the reason they don't ask for help. I like the fact is forced me to become vulnerable and open up about struggles. It would be a way for others to start dealing with their personal issues or struggles in the privacy of their home and before God.

    No Judgement!”