Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

By initiating this payment, I authorize Freed to Love, LLC to charge my card as indicated on this enrollment form for The Program.  I will have my credit card charged for the participation rates based on my selected investment option for my acceptance in this private and exclusive coaching.  I understand that The Program is provided by Freed to Love, LLC, and agree that by completing the payment that I am making it possible for me to participate. 

I understand that I am responsible for paying the entire tuition whether the applicant completes the sessions or not.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  NO REFUNDS.  I understand that I am responsible for traveling expenses related to my participation and that The Program is training for educational purposes. It is only designated for people who are mentally and emotionally healthy and that this program is not guaranteed by Freed to Love, LLC.  Results are contingent upon participants' own execution and completion of participants' responsibilities and adherence to Program deadlines

I understand that I am committing myself to the entire program by agreeing and signing this enrollment form and making my first payment.  I understand and agree that if for any reason I choose to remove or cancel myself out of the program prior to the end of the program, I am obligated to pay or continue paying any outstanding balances for the entire duration of the program and from the date printed on this enrollment form for any investment option I select. 

I understand that failure to make on-time payments will result in late fees and if my account is sent to collections, I am responsible for paying all court, attorney and collection fees.  I understand that this is a financial non-cancelable commitment and I understand the program details described in the letter which accompanies this agreement. 

I warrant that I will not affect any credit card chargebacks regarding this purchase and will not affect any cancellation of credit cards to avoid obligated payments regarding this purchase.  Further, Freed to Love, LLC has sole discretion to terminate agreement and remove any participant from continuing in the program at any time without refund if the participant is disrupting the program or is difficult to work with, becomes difficult to work with or ceases to follow any of the Program guidelines.  If done so, participant will no longer be charged the monthly rate if the participant is on a monthly payment plan.