Lolita Dash-Pitts shares her breakthrough!


I’d like to say that Stephanie is a tremendous force in the healing process because she offers her own story in a transparent way. She also asks thought-provoking questions that require that we dig deep and be honest with ourselves about our mindset, motives and maturity as we walk through the forgiveness process.  It is a daunting task to admit your failures, until you realize that admitting them is your first step in healing. As you begin to heal, you grow and become the most authentic “YOU“ that you can become. The process is difficult because you must face your hurt, pain, embarrassment, secrets, anger, vindictive mindset, and all else that goes along with betrayal, infidelity, and breakdown of relationships.  However, the pain and hurt must stop and it will when we release the truth of it all and make room for more positive emotions and a healthier mindset.

-D. Swain
St. Petersburg, FL

Freedom, happiness & fulfillment requires letting go...


“I believe that .............”

Forgiveness is the master key to unlock that which is stalled, hidden or stuck in your life.  And when you get to a point in which you are courageous enough to speak your truth and tell your story, you position yourself for total freedom.  This is when you have opened the door for peace, joy and creativity to flow.  This is the space where the windows of Heaven are opened for you. 

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“I believe that ..........”

In order to be whole, you need to be addressed holistically including ways to strengthen body, spirit, and soul. When you are able to break free from  hindrances and encumbrances, you will be freed to love.  Breaking free is the goal to create awareness and provide a vehicle for you to see yourself. 

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