I am a certified relationship educator, licensed in Identity and Destiny, former Women’s Ministry Leader, Podcast Host, Speaker and Author.  For over 10 years, I was known as a Forgiveness Coach, but when I fully embraced my call, I am a Minister of Reconciliation.  I help divorcées and people bouncing back from heartbreak to heal by telling their stories. 

Newly single and empty neXter, I am the Mommy of 4 young adult children who all were/are scholarship collegiate athletes and I am so excited to be a first time Grand Mommy this Spring!

You can choose to step up or settle.  And, I don’t believe in settling for anything less than the extraordinary life you deserve, despite hardship or heartache. Despite your fear.  Despite that 2 a.m. voice who whispers that you can't do this.

But every hardship is another opportunity to go after exactly what you want, swiftly and without apology. Because while you’ve become unglued, unhinged and uncertain about who you are and where you’re headed, one thing is certain: from this moment, you’re not about finishing last. You’re ready to dust off your dreams and go for all God has for you!

So here’s to the dreamers. To the believers.  It’s time to make a change.  It’s time to reclaim you