Stephanie McNeal is a certified relationship educator, licensed in Identity and Destiny and former Women’s Ministry Leader.  And for nearly 9 years, she’s been known as a Forgiveness Coach who identifies as Christian.  But, none of those credentials mattered because one day, she was confronted with the truth and realized that although forgiveness was on her lips, it wasn’t in her heart.   It was her ministry, but it wasn’t her mastery until she changed her mindset.

Today, she is an author of her soon to be released memoir Freed 2 Love - How Forgiveness Can Heal You From Broken Pieces to Master Peace, speaker and podcast host of The Freed 2 Love Podcast and teaches her powerful mindset shift - P.R.E.S.S. (acronym for perseverance, resilience, endurance, submission and supplication).  This powerful mindset shift empowers women to walk out their own forgiveness lifestyle daily which translates in their lives to peace, freedom and success.

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